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About us

Opulight Inc., founded in Toronto Canada in 2018, is a leading manufacturer of horticulture lighting system: including but not limited to, CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide), HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) bulbs, ballasts, and reflectors. We are constantly improving our supply-chain management efficiency and products innovation. 


We started to serve OEM and ODM for customers all over the world since 1996. With the rich experience and knowledge of know-how, we aim to deliver top quality products, competitive price and value-added customer service. Our products are backed with warranty and CE/ETL certified. Our Toronto office is always prompt at your disposal if you have any questions or inquires.


Our selected assortment is available on the since 2019. Since then, we have sold over thousands merchandizing and accumulated quite a few returned clients. If you are interested in quantity order/ OEM own brand, please don’t hesitate to contact with us:


Your success is our goal!

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