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Opulight 630W 3000K CMH Bulb

CMH 630W (2).JPG
DE CMH630W 4K-1.png

The Opulight 630W 3000K Double-end CMH bulb offers the highest level of broad spectrum light quality. As white light, the lamp creates a natural ambiance while bringing out the best of all colours. Significant energy savings are achieved as a result of the Premium 630W 3000K DE CMH bulb and ballast combination when compared to a 600W Metal Halide HID system


>>CMH lights have 2.5 times the blue light of HPS lights. The 13.4% blue light from CMH lights is slightly higher than a 50/50 mix of HPS and MH lights. CMH lights have a more uniform spectral output than any other lamp system used for plant growth lighting. 



  • High Lumen output: Initial Lumens: 78,000. 1250 μmol/s

  • High Lumen Maintenance: Output 630W, 90% at 8,000 hours;85% at 20,000 hours

  • Color Temperature: 3000K

  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index): 95. Richest spectrum bulb on the market. 

  • Base: Double-end 

  • System: Can be used on 630W DE CMH Grow Light System

  • Size: Smaller than traditional metal halide lamps

  • Low Heat Generated & Enhanced Lifespan: 15000 hours’ lifespan

  • More Active Radiation (PAR) per watt than standard HPS/MH Bulb



  • Operating Position: Universal

  • Unit Dimensions: 32.5 x 32.5 x 410(+/-5)mm

  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 429mm

  • Unit Weight: 120g

  • Shipping Box Weight: 240g

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